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Johnny Farah offers two main collections the Classic Collection sold online and at select stores around the world and the Atelier Collection sold exclusively in store at IF and other selected boutiques.

Classic Collection: “The Scandinavian look comes from Denmark where my design journey started; simple, practical, minimal hardware, vegetable tanned leather yet with an edgy design. The style is immediately recognizable as Johnny Farah by people who know me due to the simplicity of the handmade brass fitting and the beauty of the leather. Natural defect in the leather is usually apparent; with time the aging of the leather makes the bag hard to part with.” – Johnny Farah.

Atelier Collection: “The Atelier Collection is all about the freedom of the creative and artistic process. The designs are purely motivated by my esthetic tastes, with no consideration given to material or labor costs or any commercial constraints. All hand stitched, all artisanal fabrication, the line has a modern clean design and is not for the faint-hearted.” – Johnny Farah.