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Our Craftsmanship

After many years of producing at different leather goods manufactures from around the world and specially from Spain, Brooklyn, Turkey, and Canada gaining experience in leather crafting and learning the sometimes age old techniques of the local artisan leather craftsmen, Johnny decided to move his production to Beirut, Lebanon to open his own workshops and combine this knowledge with the artisanal craftsmen that could still be found there.

Every piece is cut by hand from premium quality vegetable-tanned hides. Molded, glued, and sewn by the artisanal leather craftsmen to finish the style and bring the design to life.

The brass hardware is designed by Johnny Farah and is then hand-forged from high quality solid brass in a workshop specialized in metal working, custom made for each piece, giving more character to the product.

The result is a set of unique pieces belonging to a collection of meticulous craftsmanship and a distinct signature style.